Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Weigh-In

Well, it's been a long week.  I didn't really want to go in today either.  I have been good, but I feel as though I am kinda at a stand still.  I am down 1 more pound bringing my total to 58 lbs.  I feel like I am just creeping to the 60 mark.  This weekend will be kind of touchy too.  We leave in the morning to go to Auburn for the Ga-Aub game.  So, I'm not making any promises!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dinner TIME

The good news is that I only have to cook twice this week!!  We have a business dinner on Thursday night and a surprise birthday party on Friday night and Saturday we will be at the GA-AUB game!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  So here are the 2 things I am cooking this week.

Stir-fry (fresh green beans, mushrooms, broccoli)
  noodles for the kids

Rice for the kids

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dinner Time

Just wanted to let you know that there will be NO menu this week. I am not going to be cooking AT ALL! Frank is leaving EARLY Monday morning (like around 330am) to go to South Dakota on a hunting trip and he will be gone all week long. And 2 nights this week we will go to the fair along with Wednesday night being church supper. Sooo....

I'm going to go ahead and confess that I have eaten waaaay more candy than I ever intended!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Weigh-In

Thank the Lord that I actually made some progress this week, DESPITE the fact that it has been all things candy this week.  Not that I have partaken in the candy (okay, maybe a piece or two) but for the first year no overindulgence!  

So at my weigh-in today I had lost another 3 lbs which puts my total for the week to 4 lbs.  Bringing me to 58lbs gone.  Only 2 more till I hit the 60lb mark!  Very excited!  Although, not sure I will make it there by Monday...  

Hey, you got a little chocolate there in the corner of your mouth!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's Crockpotalooza-1


So, Boo Mama is hosting a Crockpotalooza which is great for a couple of reasons. One, I love a good crockpot recipe and I am always looking for new recipes to use in my crockpot. Two.... I love most anything that ends in PALOOZA!! So here is mine for this Thursday. I made it last week and it was soo good. It has been tweaked a little so hope you enjoy it!


4 soft corn tortillas cut into 1-by-2 inch strips
I lb boneless, skinless chicken breast diced (OR sometimes I use the grilled chicken that is frozen and already in strips!)
3 cu frozen bell pepper and onion mix
1 can black beans
1 TBS ground cumin
2 14 oz cans of reduced sodium chicken broth
1 15oz can diced tomatoes w/green chilies
2 TBS lime juice
1/2 cu fresh cilantro (you can leave out if you are not a big fan of the cilantro)
3/4 cup shredded cheddar or monterey jack cheese

Preheat your oven to 350 and bake tortillas on baking sheet until browned and crisp. (10 minutes app)
Cook chicken in skillet long enough to brown, but not all the way cooked.
Add all ingredients to crockpot (except cheese and tortilla strips) and cook on low for 4 hrs. When ready to eat, top your bowl of soup w/cheese and tortilla strips.

The green chilies do cause it to pack a little heat. So, if you don't like that just use regular diced tomatoes. The hotter the better for me!! Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Well, I missed my Friday weigh-in.  Something came up and I had to be gone for most of the day so I couldn't go.  I went this morning instead.  Let me just preface this by saying that it was NOT a great food weekend.  I didn't overeat... I just didn't eat like I was supposed to.  So the bottom line is that I am only down 1 lb.  But, I will take that.  At least it wasn't a gain!  I have to go back Friday.  Hopefully my numbers will be better then!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dinner Time

Well, it's that time again. Time for some good dinners. Last week's were pretty good. The Herb-roasted chicken is always good. And as an added bonus, when I went to W/D to buy it, it was on sale. So, I got the whole chicken for $5.82. Can you believe that?? The Chicken Tortilla Soup was fabulous!! I loved it. I did mine in the crockpot too which made it even easier and better if that was possible. The scallops, well, they were okay. The hubby didn't care for them because unbeknownst to me, he doesn't like sweet flavors on his scallops. Fine on fish, just not on scallops. Whatever... So onto this weeks newest menu!!

MONDAY Pork Chops w/Apricot-Tomato Chutney
Couscous (for the kids only)

TUESDAY Baked Flounder Parmesan
Green Beans
Noodles (kids only)

THURS Pesto Chicken Spirals
Roasted Broccoli
Rice (kids only)

FRIDAY Eating out and TRICK OR TREAT!!!